Out of Sight


(1998) ★★★★

ITV3: Sunday 8 November, 11.00pm

Steven Soderbergh’s The Knick is currently one of the best things on TV. Before his ‘retirement’ he made cool films like, fragrant with nostalgia in a way that doesn’t feel as contrived as the parodic intent of Inherent Vice. Free of The American’s angst, George Clooney is an unrepentant recidivist bank robber, tempted to change his ways after bumping into beautiful US Marshal Jennifer Lopez during a Miami prison escape.

But there has to be one final big score… Elmore Leonard’s hard-nosed lowlife thriller is given a glossy makeover by Soderbergh’s super-slick direction, slyly evoking 1970s cinema with seductive visual tropes, an excitingly non-linear narrative and a funky soundtrack score that aches with nostalgia.

It’s very much a modern work, though, in its dreamily romantic attitudes and it looks great, Florida’s golden glow giving way to the chill blue tones of Detroit in winter for the second-half showdown. Scott Frank’s pithy dialogue sounds killingly funny when mouthed by a cast as good as this and, not for the first time, Ving Rhames steals every scene he’s in.

In a gallery of entertaining rogues, Don Cheadle’s jailhouse thug and Dennis Farina’s retired cop are also wittily scripted characters. “Buddy? Is that his given name? “It’s the name I gave him, yeah.” As for Clooney and Lopez, they click together like practised tango partners.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 118min

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