This show has been eerily topical on many occasions. This week, as the real world faces the aftermath of a devastating plane crash, the characters of Homeland are also scrambling for answers after a mid-air plane explosion.

In Homeland-land, the CIA are desperate to find out who betrayed them and caused General Youssef’s death. Allison is proving to be quite the dark horse as she feigns shock and anger, but she’s beginning to show signs of weakness. After this episode, we were left wondering how long she can keep up her nerve.

It seems as though Allison’s plans are coming together quite nicely though. She has managed to stir up suspicion between old comrades Dar and Saul, and she has successfully disposed of Carrie (at least that’s what she thinks). After her meeting with Russian spy Ivan, we now know where her allegiances lie. However, her frightened state suggests that she may not be as ruthless as she needs to be to double-cross her employers.

Carrie thinks she’s solving all the puzzles, but she’s missing a key piece – Allison. With the help of Quinn’s old flame Astrid, she made the connection between her wannabe assassin and the Russians. Carrie’s next move was to find out why the Russians so desperately want the leaked CIA documents. She should really have been paying more attention to Quinn though, as he lay bleeding out from his wound from the post office shootout last week.

Quinn is a cold-blooded killer, so when he does care about somebody, he has a funny way of showing it. His health deteriorates rapidly throughout the episode, but he refuses to go to hospital – to do so would ruin the charade that he killed Carrie. Poor old Quinn was hell-bent on dying so that Carrie could remain a free woman. Yet, as Carrie stormed through Berlin looking for documents while wearing that awful wig and acting shady in public, we can’t help but think Quinn’s sacrifice would have been worthless.

Carrie’s quandary brought her into contact with Laura Sutton, the righteous journalist. She wasn’t much help, and suggested that Carrie should utilise her old contacts in the CIA to source the original documents. Now that she knows Saul isn’t trying to kill her, Carrie was able to turn to him, but the old man can really hold a grudge and he has his own problems to worry about. At this stage we weren’t so concerned about the secrets within those documents, because Quinn was on the brink of death elsewhere.

Quinn decided to take control of his own fate as he stumbled out to a waterway and tied himself to a cement block with the intent of ending it all. We’ve had our fair share of shock exits from Homeland in the past, so there were a tense few moments when it seemed like we could be seeing the last of Quinn. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan came along to untie him. A broken man, Quinn tried to find a secret place to die, but never made it into the rubbish skip he had chosen as a final resting place. His guardian angel was watching over when Quinn closed his eyes, but should our fears be eased by this mysterious man? Of course not. Next week, we’ll see Quinn awakening in even more dangerous circumstances.

This episode felt like quite the mid-season filler – setting up future events and providing some degree of clarity. There was more talk and less action, but it was just enough to keep us curious about how Allison’s plan will play out, and how Quinn will cope without any plan at all.