The Informers


(2008) ★★

Film4: Wednesday 11 November, 12.5am

While movie producer Billy Bob Thornton cheats on wife Kim Basinger, their teenage son Jon Foster drifts into drug-dealing and mooching around with promiscuous hangers-on. Ronald Reagan’s in the White House, and cocaine is plentiful in hotels and highrise apartments.

Los Angeles in 1983 is a foreign country (so much so that the film was shot in Montevideo and Buenos Aires because LA’s changed so much since the 80s) and Los Angelinos appear to be a different species. Reaganomics doesn’t seem to affect these people, but the spectre of Aids might.

Another period piece from Less Than Zero man Bret Easton Ellis. This glossed-up, grimy soap doesn’t add up to much either. But Wang Chung and Devo are on the soundtrack, and Amber Heard gets her kit off (a lot), so it’s not all bad.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 91min

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