Sorority Row


(2009) ★★★

Film4: Saturday 7 November, 11.10pm

A stupid prank played on a cheating frat boy goes fatally wrong for Briana Evigan and her squealing sorority sisters. Their idea of making the best of a bad situation is dumping the body down a mineshaft. We all know what they did last semester… and, when the claws come out, secrecy trumps sisterly trust.

It’s sisterhood of the psycho sluts in this slick celebration of sick slasher conventions. Trashy fun, smartly shot and laced with cutting humour, it’s markedly superior to its inspiration, a mediocre 80s horror flick called The House on Sorority Row. The use of sound is outstanding and Lucian Pianc’s music is pretty good, too.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 101min.

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