Friday the 13th


(2009) ★★

Film4: Friday 13 November, 11.45pm

Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki searches for missing sister Amanda Righetti in the woods near Crystal Lake, a summer camp closed down in the 80s after a series of killings. Not to mention a slew of grisly sequels. Machete maniac Jason Voorhees is on the prowl again in a franchise reboot with sets so heavily decorated that it feels like a shrine to the original.

The party-hearty victims are the usual bunch of dim stereotypes: “Look at all this old stuff… it’s like it’s been dragged here from another century.” They think their biggest problem is not getting mobile phone signals. The problem withFriday the 13th is that it never was much cop, and seemed even lamer trailing in so long after Brian De Palma’s Carrie and John Carpenter’s Halloween.

This remake is as good as can be expected. It’s slick, nasty and possibly better acted; it’s hard to tell when the dialogue’s so banal: “What do you want from me?” says the topless blonde to the guy who’s holding a scythe and wearing a blood-speckled hockey mask.

Personally, I had more fun with the TV series Harper’s Island. And wasn’t Richard Burgi in that too? Funnily enough, Padalecki’s Supernatural brother Jensen Ackles was in the remake of another 80s slasher ‘classic’, My Bloody Valentine. Looks like this pair has their own little franchise going.

Certificate: 18
Duration: 97min

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