Coronation Street: Tony pops the question to Liz!


Davina is back with this week’s Coronation Street Soapbox spoilers! It sounds like it’s going to be one heck of a week!


Hi, I’m Davina Gordon for and here’s what you’ve got to look forward to this week on the cobbles.

Woah – things are really getting serious between Liz and Tony. After the pair got back together, Tony will give Liz a signed contract handing over 50% of the Rovers but that’s not all. Just as Liz goes to tell Michelle about the good news, Tony gets down on one knee! Liz is in a state of complete shock and Michelle walks in on the two mid-proposal. Michelle is shell shocked to say the least and is horrified at the thought of the pair marrying. Will Liz say yes? Or is there another twist in store for their rocky romance?

Leanne will finally reach breaking point with Simon this week after another series of stressful events. When Leanne sees the word ‘whore’ spray-painted on the wall outside the Bistro, she searches through his schoolbag and finds a can of spray paint. Busted! Then, when she confronts Simon about it, the demon child remains defiant and even calls her an awful mum while taunting her about her infertility. She loses the plot and screams at him, but will she go too far and strike him? Leanne calls on Ken to help after she finds it all too much. Leanne then says her goodbyes to Simon, but will she really go through with leaving him!?

It’s all getting very tense and dramatic this week on Corrie so make sure you join me again next week for more spoilers!