EastEnders: Vincent confronts Fatboy with shocking results


Davina gets us up to speed with everything that happening next week in EastEnders as Vincent lives up to his notorious reputation as a hard lad. You do not want to miss it!


Hi, I’m Davina Gordon for SquareEyed.tv here with all your latest gossip from Albert Square.

We’re guessing there’s going to be something huge about to happen to dodgy Dean. Ronnie is really suspicious of him, telling him to stay away from Linda after he congratulated Mick on his new relationship with Shirley. But things reach boiling point when Dean storms over to The Vic. Thinking enough’s enough, Ronnie decides to put her cunning plan into action. However, after Billy asks Mick to warn Shirley – leaving Mick torn about whether he should keep quiet or tell the truth, Dean arrives at Ronnie’s house and suspects that she’s up to no good. Then, when a guilty Mick comes clean to Linda about Dean being in imminent danger, Buster and Shirley also realise something serious is going on and they rush to rescue Dean, but will they get there in time? It’s set to be a huge week for that storyline.

Elsewhere, the drama continues for Ronnie as a furious Roxy confronts Ronnie, determined to get to the bottom of what has happened to Charlie, so she turns to Dot for help but learns a worrying truth. With the pressure building, Roxy confronts her sister and demands to know whether Charlie is alive or dead. Will she get to the bottom of it, or will Ronnie continue to hide a dark secret from her sister?

Finally, Fatboy will be left fighting for his life next week when Vincent takes things one step too far. Older brothers are notoriously protective of their younger sisters but Vincent takes things to a whole new level when he goes out in search of revenge after his sister Donna was jilted. The week starts with Vincent asking for Fatboy’s help DJing at The Albert for a party. Vincent soon suspects that FatBoy has had a night of passion with Donna and when he finds out that FatBoy left her hanging, Vincent lives up to his hardman status and confronts FatBoy with shocking, violent consequences.

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