Emmerdale: Self-destructive Jai stoops to a new low over Nikhil


This week on SquareEyed’s Emmerdale Soapbox, Alyson has all the latest spoilers as Jai stoops to a new low when he finds out that Nikhil will be hanging around for a bit longer. Meanwhile, it’s panic stations for Paddy when Rhona is shown baby photos by Vanessa. When will the drama end? Join us again next week for more spoilers!


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv. Here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to next week in the Dales.

Jai is hell-bent on causing his own self-destruction as his cocaine habit continues. He feels like his world is crumbling around him which definitely isn’t helped by Nikhil running the factory. Well what alternative is there, Jai isn’t exactly in a fit state to be running a business high as a kite is he? Let’s just say Jai isn’t a happy bunny when he finds out that Nikhil will be hanging around for longer that he’d hoped.

We didn’t think Jai could stoop any lower but then he goes and proves us all wrong by pulling a horrible stunt on his brother. Let’s just say, after what he’s done we wouldn’t be surprised if Nikhil wanted to be on the next plane back to Canada. Won’t Jai ever learn?   

Meanwhile, it’s panic stations for Paddy when Rhona comes over all broody after Vanessa shows her the baby photos. Paddy isn’t exactly thrilled that Rhona seems to want to try for another baby. What will he do when she comes up with an idea?! Maybe stop snogging Tess would be a good start!

Also next week, Cain gets to spend some time with Kyle but it’s far from happy families with Ashley. Our favourite telly vicar hasn’t been feeling the best for the past few weeks and things look set to get even worse for him. We’re wondering just what will his news mean for his relationship with Harriet though?!

That’s your lot for this week. Tune in next time for more spoilers!