Hollyoaks: Toyboy Diego is hot on Myra’s heels


This week on SquareEyed’s Hollyoaks Soapbox, Alyson has all the latest spoilers for you as another wedding takes place in Chester, while Myra’s new toyboy Diego is seen in some rather compromising positions…


It’s all kicking off in Chester! But hey, what’s new there really?
First off, there’s a wedding which can mean only one thing…everyone had better duck for cover! Yes, Reenie and Pete are finally about to tie the knot but Cleo has been well warned to keep her trap shut – or else!

Things don’t exactly go Pete’s way when Harry catches him speaking to Cleo down an alleyway. I mean that just cries out dodgy! We’re sincerely hoping that Harry can put a stop to this shambles of a wedding before it’s too late. It’s about time creepy Pete got his comeuppance, don’t you think?

New boy alert! Myra returned to our screens to support Mercedes this week but her toyboy, Diego is hot on her heels as he rocks up on Monday! But there’s a catch. She’s tricked him into thinking she’s the Countess of Chester so what on earth will she do when he arrives completely skint?!

Well, what would Hollyoaks be without the McQueens having a row with the new family in town – maybe not their cleverest idea considering the wedding reception is supposed to be taking place at The Dog which the Nightingales now own. Awkward or what!
Looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the Hollyoaks residents next week. See you next time for more gossip!