(2010) ★★½

Film4: PREMIERE Saturday 14 November, 9.00pm

“Come ye children hearken unto me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” So sayeth Psalms 34:11 and, sure enough, the Apocalypse is on its way… right here, right now! Archangel Paul Bettany helps mankind make a stand against assorted nephilim in a Mojave desert diner. Paradise Falls, it’s called, which seems to cover all the angles.

Fugitive Tyrese Gibson and father-and-son Dennis Quaid and Lucas Black are among the head-scratching humans trapped on a familiar biblical battleground, taken aback at the unseemly behaviour of the fallen angels. “These people aren’t exactly our regular customers!” observes panicked cook Charles S.

Dutton. Not as weirdly funny as Christopher Walken’s The Prophecy, not even when Doug Jones’ demonic ice cream van shows up. But there are some powerful jolts and the initial old-lady attack is a lulu. Besides, an isolated setting is always useful for a cinematic siege set-up, supernatural or not. The man from Cinematical was impressed, kind of: “Legion – saw it twice; still don’t know what went on.”

Legion doesn’t make any sense – why would it? – but purely on the level of nightmare it gets the job done. Best to ignore the final five minutes – an apocalyptic horror with a hopeful ending? That’s Hollywood. The impressively pounding score is by John Frizzell – praise St Michael and pass the ammunition.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 100min

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