Jonas spoke some real truth this week on Homeland when he told Carrie to shut up about the leaked documents she’s been obsessing over. “No one cares about these God damn documents!” he roared, and we’re inclined to agree at this stage. This series so far has been following everybody getting flustered over a data breach, but the audience knows so little about it that we cannot be bothered to be concerned.

Our concern lies elsewhere, since we last saw Quinn with an infected gunshot wound and teetering on the brink of death. The Good Samaritan that saved him from suicide turned out to be a saviour after all. The Muslim doctor tended to Quinn and even gave him his own blood, but his peers were not so kind. Quinn’s refuge had another arrival in the form of Hajik, a jihadi who was freed from German prison after the data breach nullified evidence against him.

We’ll ignore the blatant implausibility that Quinn ended up in such circumstances by chance, and welcome the action and tension that arose in his scenes, because it was lacking everywhere else.

Saul was on edge after meeting Carrie and discovering that he’s being tailed by the CIA. However, the old grouch seemed more worried about saving his own skin than protecting Carrie and Quinn from Russian assassins. He refused to get the documents from the CIA servers, but changed his tune after realising he has few allies left at the agency.

Carrie realised that her friends are few and far between, with Quinn AWOL and Jonas after walking out on her. This week, she resolved to leave everyone in peace this, and pleaded with During for a way out – a plane ride to somewhere she can disappear. Of course that couldn’t happen.

Just in the nick of time, Saul managed to redeem himself and delivered the documents to her through During. Carrie’s lip-quivering response when she received the papers showed how much it meant to her, but until we know what’s in those files, we just couldn’t care less. In order for this series to be more exciting, some really juicy gossip needs to be exposed.

Quinn gained some stirring intel of his own though, as he overheard jihadis planning an attack against Germany. He managed to turn a potentially volatile situation around and piqued the group’s interest as and shared his knowledge of Syrian conflict and police surveillance.

There was a scary standoff when Hajik brandished a knife and made for Quinn, who was so weak that he was barely able to stand. Incredibly, a swift strike to the neck ended the jihadi’s life, and Quinn earned respect from the rest of the group. However, next week we’re going to see Quinn turning his back on his new acquaintances, as he teams up with Dar to take them out. It looks as though he’s on the mend too, so we’re looking forward to the mercenary being back in action.

We should also expect more from Allison next week. Our favourite schemer is going to realise that Carrie is still alive and is out and about with her documents. What creative methods will Allison use to try to eliminate her this time?