Life of Pi


(2012) ★★★★

Film 4: PREMIERE Tuesday 17 November, 9pm

Lone shipwreck survivor Suraj Sharma drifts in the Pacific. There’s a 450lb tiger in the lifeboat and sharks circling in the sea. Boy and beast are orphans of the storm. Irrfan Khan recounts a story that, it is said, will make you believe in God. (Spoiler alert: It will not necessarily make you believe in God.)

So long as it is on the water, Ang Lee’s lustrous Oscar-winning CGI Pi in the sky is seductively cinematic, with images of staggering beauty and stark terror often juxtaposed within the same frame. It’s a technical marvel: despite what we see on screen, at no point was the boy in a boat with a Bengal tiger. The cringing hyena is impressive too, as badly behaved as Andy Serkis’ Gollum.

As tall tales go, it’s far preferable to Tim Burton’s prissy Big Fish and shares a certain kinship with Tom Hanks’ much less whimsical Cast Away. Life of Pi earned a second Best Director Oscar for Ang Lee (following Brokeback Mountain in 2006). Somewhat surprisingly, he’s been nominated five times. The Ice Storm and Ride With the Devil remain his best films.

Certificate: PG

Duration: 127min

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