Spike: Thursday 19 November, 9.00pm

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman live in the kind of home that’s begging for an invasion – a gated lakeside estate the size of the Taj Mahal. And Cage has a stash of diamonds in his safe. Luckily for the two Nics – not so fortunate for us – the gun-wielding goons holding them hostage are dumber than a sackful of weasels.

This laughable barrel-scraping trash bellyflopped so badly director Joel Schumacher belatedly tried to claim it was a black comedy all along. Right, the kind in which teenagers called Avery and Kendra drive high-end showroom convertibles, while the melodramatic music is turned up to 11 in the vain hope of drowning out the shouty dialogue. “I’m sick of all your yelling,” says gang-leader Ben Mendelsohn, the guy shouting the loudest. Take a number, pal.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 91min

IMDB – Trespass

TMDB – Trespass

Rotten Tomatoes – Trespass