Coronation Street: Simon’s violent side finally exposed


Davina brings us all the latest from Coronation Street in this week’s SquareEyed Soapbox. Can Leanne and Simon finally turn a corner?


Hi, I’m Davina Gordon for, here with all your latest spoilers from Coronation Street.

Simon’s behaviour turns even darker next week, as he gets violent with Amy. The remorseless demon child has been a problem for months now and it looks like his storyline is hurtling towards a dramatic conclusion. Leanne has had enough of Simon and when he shows no remorse for his actions, she pours her heart out to a sympathetic Ken. She may have Ken on her side, but what will Tracy say to this latest revelation. On Thursday, Simon will return home – but can Leanne persevere and will Simon finally turn a corner? It’s about time I think.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of paranoia seeping on to the cobbles as Jason angers Eva over his suspicions of Gary. After Eva bumped into Gary to commiserate him over Jason and Alya’s betrayal, she hugs him but only for Jason to walk in and warn Gary off her. Not offering any sympathy over an obvious misinterpretation, Eva accuses him of being paranoid. Will she reconsider going out with him? She’s certainly got a lot to think about after this latest stunt.

Finally, Steph is upset by messages from friends who have seen her naked photos and is distraught when Luke reveals their parents know. When some rowdy blokes in the Bistro snigger over their phones, paranoid Steph assumes they are looking at the photos of her and angrily confronts them. Realising she’s got the wrong end of the stick, Steph flees mortified. Luke and Andy agree that Jamie needs punishing for what he’s put Steph through, but what will they do? Join me next for the fallout.