EastEnders: Mitchell family mayhem


Davina gets us up to speed with everything that’s happening next week in EastEnders. This week’s SquareEyed Soapbox is all about the Mitchell family! They’re in for one heck of a week!


Hi, I’m Davina Gordon for SquareEyed.tv, here with a look ahead to what’s promising to be an explosive week on EastEnders.

Phil’s alcoholism takes a turn for the worse when he lashes out following the strain of recent weeks. Phil has long been trying to manage his drinking problem but after being kidnapped by Gavin last week, he’s descended into a dark downward spiral. Next week, we’ll see Phil downing an entire bottle of champagne after yet another setback. Then, he bumps into his ex Shirley who immediately suspects him of drinking. After she helps him home, Sharon locks Phil in their bedroom only for him to find another bottle of drink – and guess what he does…

Things aren’t really better for the other members of the Mitchell family though as Ronnie is arrested for the murder of Carl back in 2013. Roxy tries her best to avoid Ronnie after speaking to the police. When Ronnie turns to Sharon for help, Sharon agrees to hold a family lunch to help bring the Mitchell family back together. Sharon insists that Phil shows his support too. When they get a moment alone in the kitchen, Ronnie apologises to a guilt-ridden Roxy for everything that has happened recently, but she’s left confused when Roxy tells her to leave. Before Ronnie has a chance to go, the police arrive and arrest her for the murder of Carl! It really has gone from bad to worse for everyone in the Mitchell family. Can they pick up the pieces after these dramatic scenes? Join me next time for more spoilers!