Hollyoaks: Darren and Grace get up close and personal


Alyson brings you all the latest gossip from Hollyoaks in this week’s SquareEyed Soapbox. There’s plenty of drama to keep you occupied!


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv. Let’s head over to Hollyoaks and find out what you’ve got to look forward to next week.

Cindy tells Lindsey about the message from Dr S’Avage revealing that a woman is behind the murders and she’s going to the police! Looks like Lindsey had better get a plan together and quickly if she’s to keep her identity as the Gloved Hand Killer a secret! Three guesses as to who’s going to feel the wrath then! You’d better watch your back, Cindy!

Elsewhere, Neeta’s Single Mingle event takes place at The Dog. Which lucky couple get picked for the ‘clothes swap’? Darren and Grace of course. A pretty unlikely pair if you ask us. Anyhow, the pair get pretty cosy and end up in the hot-tub together. Let’s just say the morning after the night before is pretty awkward! Meanwhile Nancy is busy planning a way to tell Darren about her feelings for him. Something tells me this won’t end well!

Also, Louis meets Joanne at The Folly only for her to tell him that she needs him to get her five grand. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know! He hands over £200 but it’s not enough. Will Joanne tell Simone the truth about their affair?    

See you next time for more spoilers!