There have been moments in every season of Homeland – an explosive event, a sudden death, or a secret rendezvous – that cause everything to make sense. The audience craves the moment when a behind-the-scenes plan comes to fruition or something happens which throws all logic out the window. We are just over halfway through this season now and we are still waiting for that moment, but there are hints of twists to come.

Carrie has finally gotten the all-important CIA documents and sought refuge in During’s mansion to sift through them. This data breach plot brings no thrills at all, as scenes of Carrie clicking on a laptop were about as exciting as those of Dar and Quinn eating sandwiches.

Quinn, our usual man of action, is recovering after his close call with death, so the only thing he was able to do this week was make plans. He’s still pretending to be allied with the gullible jihadis, and made a plan with Dar to dispose of one of their leaders as they try to return to Syria.

It was good to see Dar doing some real black-ops work, because all he seems to be doing elsewhere is yapping at Saul. The two men have been at loggerheads for too long without either of them taking action. Allison thinks she has split the comrades since Dar apparently believes that Saul is a traitor, but these old pros should know better than to trust one source. The pressure of double-crossing is ruining Allison, as we saw when she suffered a panic attack over the news that Carrie was still alive.

Carrie proved herself as the fearless female of the day by marching off to Amsterdam as soon as she got a lead on the secrets within her documents. She discovered a link to past operations in Baghdad and tried to contact a former cohort from her time there. Carrie could have done with a little preparation before this mission, because getting shot at by Russian agents and having her Iraqi contact murdered wasn’t a great outcome. She did manage to swipe a laptop though, which should give her more breadcrumbs to follow on the trail to whatever the Russians are hiding.

Carrie should also keep her scepticism strong elsewhere. While she was in Amsterdam, During revealed to Jonas that he no longer wants Carrie as an employee. Carrie is obviously a liability to the philanthropist’s image and safety, but we can’t forget previous hints about During’s background. He has supported Carrie thus far, but is he now just waiting for her to crack the case before making a move? Allison has been the obvious dark horse of the season and there’s bound to be drama when Carrie knocks on her door next week, but is During the real one to watch?

Rachel McLaughlin