A Few Best Men



BBC1: PREMIERE Friday 27 November, 11.50pm

Xavier Samuel jets his three best mates – ‘madcap’ loutish Londoners Kris Marshall, Kevin Bishop and Tim Draxl – to Australia. Where they’ll be best men at his wedding to the daughter of a Liberal senator at a villa in the Blue Mountains. And the bride’s mother is Olivia Newton-John, deep in the throes of depression.

Let’s meet the parents before the hangover kicks in and get this party started! A bit more of Rebel Wilson might’ve helped although the script by Dean Craig (author of the similarly tasteless but intermittently amusing farce, Death at a Funeral) suggests perhaps not.

Irrelevant as it is, the only decent gag is in the title. Which is now a footnote in the wildly erratic career of director Stephan Elliott – from the highs of Eye of the Beholder and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, to the lows of Welcome to Woop Woop. Welcome to poop and puke japes. This film should come with a gagging order.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 97min

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