(2009) ★★★★

BBC2: Friday 27 November, 11.35pm

Two weeks before the end of a three-year solo mission at a lunar base, Sam Rockwell begins to lose the plot. Harvesting Helium-3, Earth’s primary energy source, the lonely Rockwell’s only companion is a robotic module called Gerty, which has the disconcertingly calm and reassuring voice of Kevin Spacey. A sure sign, then, that things will soon go Pandorum-shaped.

A modest space oddity from David Bowie’s boy Zowie, who showed more sense than his old man by changing his name to Duncan Jones. And the excellent Rockwell rocks in a smartly scripted, neatly assembled DIY sci-fi that comes on like a twisted clone of the 70s cult classic Silent Running.

Once that disturbing twist is revealed, the film becomes much less strange but infinitely more sad. And suddenly the film’s detailed retro design falls into place. The effective music is by Clint Mansell, certainly preferable to the song that plays on Sam’s alarm clock: The One and Only, the one and only hit of Chesney Hawkes. There’s one in the eye for David Jones.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 93min

IMDB – Moon

TMDB – Moon

Rotten Tomatoes – Moon