Black Rock


(2012) ★★

Channel 4 : PREMIERE Saturday 28 November, 1.05am

Deliverance on the distaff side when Kate Bosworth persuades bickering bosom buddies Lake Bell and Katie Aselton to join her for a weekend break on a secluded island off the coast of Maine. Not so remote, though, that Will Bouvier and two other Afghanistan veterans (dishonourably discharged) aren’t there for a spot of huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ (but mainly boozin’).

It starts out wary though friendly enough, but soon enough degenerates into a most dangerous game. Katie Aselton came up with the story and her husband, Baghead man Mark Duplass, dashed off the ‘mumblecore’ script. Presumably, John Boorman will be receiving a cheque in the post. Don’t expect much of the nuance or humour of Lake Bell’s own directorial effort, In a World… Although soundtrack songs by The Kills could pass as an in-joke, I suppose.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 74min

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