Coronation Street: Sarah discovers that she’s pregnant


Tune in to this week’s Coronation Street SquareEyed Soapbox for all the drama from the Cobbles. Sarah Platt is back with a bang!


Hi, I’m Davina Gordon for, let’s head over to the cobbles for all the latest.

Sarah is back! She seems to be in high spirits after her return from Italy, but not everyone is convinced by this new breeziness. That’s right, David accuses Sarah of being fake, and after confronting her, she flees the scene rather quickly. But the drama doesn’t stop there for Sarah! After getting horribly drunk and showing up for a date with Aidan in the Rovers, he calls for an abrupt end to the evening. Clearly upset, Sarah leaves and pours her heart out to Billy. When all seems to be calm, David arrives and starts a row. When Sarah leaves, she’s knocked down by Tim’s van and rushed to the hospital! But wait, there’s more – she’s pregnant! When news filters out, Kylie is suspicious and accuses David of pushing Sarah in front of the van!

Elsewhere, is Nick having second thoughts about marriage? That’s what Carla’s worrying about anyway. She confides in Michelle, who tells her there’s nothing to worry about. He mind is put at rest when Nick appears, engagement ring in hand, and proposes to Carla! Nothing to worry about after all then. And once Audrey talks her round to it, Gail apologises to Carla and welcomes her to the family. The next question is obviously the engagement party, and thanks to a little arm twisting from Bethany, Johnny and Aidan, it looks like Nick and Carla will be having one after all. Join me next week to see if the couple are any closer to wedding bliss.