EastEnders: Jane and Bobby on shaky ground


Davina gets us up to speed with all the drama from Walford in this week’s EastEnders SquareEyed Soapbox. From pregnancy tests to family meltdowns – you do not want to miss it!


Hi, I’m Davina Gordon for SquareEyed.tv, it’s time to catch up on all the gossip from the Square.

It’s mixed feelings for Shabnam when she takes a pregnancy test. With Stacey in her corner, the two seem uncertain when it comes back negative. But they don’t get much time to dwell on it when Jean drops in on Stacey with the offer of a shopping trip. Leaving Shabnam to think things through, things get to boiling point between her and Kush when he confronts her about her worrying behaviour. She comes clean to him about the test, and later Kush clashes with Stacey for not telling him. Unfortunately for them, Carmel witnesses their fight and drops in to see Stacey, leading to Carmel making a shocking discovery.

Across the Square things are breaking down at the Beale’s house. Jane and Bobby are on shaky ground, with him still upset about having to change bedrooms. Jane and Kathy try to heal old wounds, but when Bobby moves his things back into the old room it looks like the household is heading for meltdown. Their argument causes Jane to miss Ian switching on the Square’s Christmas tree lights, but surprise surprise, there’s Kathy at his side. This is one household we wouldn’t want to be in come Christmas dinner.

Meanwhile, Sharon continues to do all she can for Phil, but she has to come clean about his drinking problem to Ben. Luckily for them Sharon has come up with a solution. Join me next week to find out more.