Emmerdale: Chas in turmoil


In this week’s Emmerdale SquareEyed Soapbox there’s plenty of drama to keep you occupied. From the aftermath of Diane’s stabbing to even more Sharma drama!


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv. Here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to next week in the Dales.

Poor Chas hasn’t been having the best time lately and things don’t show any signs of getting better next week either. She’s in absolute turmoil after everything that has happened with Diane and when she turns up at the hospital, Victoria kicks her out. Back in the village she curls up, alone and upset at the farm but when she wakes she is confronted with a disturbing sight…

Meanwhile, the trial gets underway and both Robert and Chrissie take the stand. Robert wishes Chrissie luck but that’s less than can be said for Pollard. He ends up handcuffing David to the banister before telling him that if Chrissie doesn’t get the justice she deserves, then he’ll take matters into his own hands! Is it any wonder, David’s left in a panic! What on earth with Pollard do if Chrissie is found not guilty?

The trial isn’t the only thing Pollard’s got to worry about though. Gabby and Lachlan are as thick as thieves…literally! They’re on a mission to get Bernice’s necklace back and Gabby comes up with a plan to break into Pollard’s barn to get it back! Let’s just say, Lachlan takes more than he’s supposed to…

Finally, there’s yet more Sharma drama in the Dales! Nikhil takes his anger out on Leyla. Later, Jai invites Leyla for a drink but she rejects his offer. Meanwhile, Nikhil takes Megan to the hospital. It’s not long before Priya smells a rat and soon she starts to grow suspicious of her brothers actions. Will she work out what Nikhil and Megan are covering up?

That’s your lot for this week. Tune in next time for more spoilers!