Fantastic Voyage


(1966) ★★

5USA: Saturday 28 November, 11.30am

A team of surgeons in a submarine are miniaturised and injected into the bloodstream of a brain-damaged scientist. Daft sci-fi yarn, enjoyable on a cartoon level but badly let down by garish colour schemes (pink and green and purple), dodgy effects work (which nevertheless bagged an Oscar or two) and less than stellar casting – Raquel Welch is second-billed but mainly stands around listening to the men talk (it’s an even less substantial role than Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio’s in The Abyss).

Steven Spielberg later refined this idea to exciting comic effect in the 80s with Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan in Joe Dante’s Inner Space. No coincidence here, then, that both Arthur Kennedy and Edmond O’Brien use the phrase ‘inner space’. But it’s such a batty concept that it hasn’t been attempted on screen since Dante’s film (although The Core came close). Even so, when it comes to Stephen Boyd’s understandable protestations about being miniaturised, project chief O’Brien is remarkably blasé about it: “It’s only for an hour or so.” Incidentally, the identity of the saboteur is never in doubt – Donald Pleasence is in the cast.

Certificate: U
Duration: 100min

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