Hollyoaks: Jason pops the question


Alyson gets us up to speed with all the drama from Hollyoaks in this week’s SquareEyed Soapbox.


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv. Let’s head over to Hollyoaks and find out what you’ve got to look forward to next week.

It’s Leela’s birthday and Tegan couldn’t be more jealous of her sister if she tried! But later, Leela tells Ste that she’s going to prove that Tegan and Ziggy are in love. This love triangle looks set to come to an end next week as Ziggy accidentally lets it slip that he’s in love with Tegan! Well, Leela makes her way to the Lomax’s like a bull in a China shop and makes Tegan choose between her and Ziggy. What will she do?

Holly gets a bit of a shock when she goes to meet Jason at the coffee shop but spots him sitting with Nico. Let’s just say, Holly had better watch her back. Nico isn’t the type of girl you make an enemy with given her murderous track record! Later in the week it’s Nico who’s left embarrassed. She spots Jason buying flowers and thinks that they’re for her but she couldn’t be more wrong. At the Christmas party, Jason makes a grand gesture and stops the music telling the crowd he’s going to propose to his special girl at which Nico says “yes”! But she’s affronted when she realises that he wasn’t talking to her and that Holly is right behind her. Awkward or what!

Finally, Harry is left feeling pretty jealous when Ste invites John Paul over for dinner. And not just any old dinner date, he even sets up a candlelit table! That must earn him serious points for effort, don’t you think?! But what about Harry and Ste. Is it all over?  

See you next time for more spoilers!