Parental Guidance


(2012) ★★

Channel 4: Sunday 29 November, 3.20pm

Marisa Tomei unhappy about leaving her three coddled children with her mom and dad, Bette Midler and Billy Crystal. The girl’s highly strung, one boy stutters, and the other doesn’t like his food to touch. “There’s no cure for dumb,” observes Crystal, unkindly. Chaos reigns, of course. “This sums up your approach to parenting,” says the exasperated Marisa.

Bette’s frankly bemused: “We had an approach?” Midler and Crystal keep this baby-formula sitcom afloat but, curiously, it’s only really sentimental about baseball and an invisible kangaroo. It’s no Parenthood but it knocks Little Fokkers for six and, when it comes to funny, Bette Midler bests Barbra Streisand every day of the week.

Certificate: U
Duration: 105min

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