Mercury Rising


(1998) ★★★★

ITV1: Friday 4 December, 10.40pm

Burned-out undercover FBI agent Bruce Willis out on a limb with young Miko Hughes, an autistic boy who has inadvertently cracked the National Security Agency’s billion-dollar encryption code Mercury. Like Robert Redford’s similarly paranoid 70s classic Three Days of the Condor, Harold Becker’s intriguing thriller is impeccably liberal as it skilfully combines blackly comic conspiracy theories with a compelling hide-and-seek pursuit that is reminiscent of Hitchcock’s memorable chase pictures North by Northwest and Saboteur.

This is an accomplished piece of film-making and John Barry’s mournful music provides an emotional integrity to the smallest of scenes. The casting is terrific, careful attention having been paid to even apparently menial roles: John Carroll Lynch as the boy’s father, Betsy Brantley as his special needs teacher, L.L. Ginter as a conscience-stricken computer nerd (and many others in an excellent cast), all play their parts with impressive conviction.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 107min

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