The Game of Thrones cast for season 6 is coming together nicely. With filming the cast and crew very much deep into filming for the highly-anticipated new run, we’re interested to see who might be returning for what is sure to be a cracking season.

Someone we didn’t perhaps expect to come racing back to Westeros was Tim Plester, who played Black Walder Rivers in Season 3. Black Walder was responsible for the most horrifying scene in Game of Thrones history when he sliced open the throat of Catelyn Stark and left us all as emotional wrecks.

The actor talked to Your Letterbox magazine recently about several of his current projects, and couldn’t help dropping a few hints about Game of Thrones while he was at it and the folks over at Winter is Coming seem to believe he is a probability for the sixth season.

“As you’d expect on such a phenomenally popular TV show, there’s a complicated veil of secrecy that surrounds any future storylines, and as an actor you’re never shown full shooting scripts – only the scenes which refer specifically to your role. And even then, some of the character names are occasionally changed on the scripts in order to try and further limit the chances of any leaks.”

“So yes, when people ask me if Black Walder and his trusty blade will ever be making a re-appearance in the fictional realm of Westeros, all I’m (contractually) allowed to say is that he’s not dead yet, and so there’s always a chance… Although I think it’s fairly safe to assume that I won’t be getting invited to anymore weddings!”

It’s already common knowledge that show will be returning to the Riverlands for the sixth season and it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Black Walder back, especially considering that David Bradley, the actor that plays his father Walder Frey, was previously spotted around Thrones filming locations.

Black Walder had a pivotal and hugely gruesome role to play in the Red Wedding and, although his character is clearly a murderous lunatic, the actor described the famous scene in the most polite and eloquent manner.

“Without giving too much away for people who may still be playing catch-up, there was a lavish wedding ceremony at which my character became embroiled in some particularly ill-mannered behaviour.”

Well, that’s definitely one way of putting it anyway.