(2011) ★★★

Spike: Saturday 5 December, 10.30pm

South London cops are targeted by Aidan Gillen, a grudge-bearing psycho who dubs himself Blitz for the benefit of tabloid reporter David Morrissey. Stroppy detective sergeant Jason Statham takes the killings personally. Pushed along by Ilan Eshkeri’s pulsing score, this is the kind of crime thriller fuelled by coffee mugs full of booze and mealy mouths full of rough language.

The humour is mordant: when Gillen is brought in for questioning, he demands a lawyer, a sandwich and the chance to ‘update my Facebook page’. The plotting’s a bit wonky, but Statham’s reliably solid and he’s well supported by Paddy Considine as an unfussily gay colleague, and by Ned Dennehy as a supremely scruffy snitch. Author Ken Bruen appears as the Irish priest at the police funeral. Don’t panic. It’s not Jason’s.

Certificate: 18

Duration: 97min

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