EastEnders: Vincent prepares to take on Phil


Next week is going to be hectic for the Mitchell family. Tune in to this week’s EastEnders SquareEyed Soapbox to get all the gossip about what’s coming up!


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv. Here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to next week in Albert Square.

Kathy lands home after the Christmas lights switch-on to find that Jane is hurt. Of course, wanting to protect Bobby, Jane covers for him. Although, later, Bobby confesses that he was the one who pushed Jane down the stairs! Later in the week, Kathy is shocked by yet another confession as Jane lets it slip that Ben was in prison before he killed Heather…

Mick, ever the charmer, is really put to the test this week as he tries to convince Dot to let Elaine help with the nativity play auditions. Let’s just say, it’s not long before the pair clash. Looks like Mick will be forced to be the voice of reason after all!

Elsewhere, Vincent prepares to take Phil down. Of course he ropes Ronnie in to help set him up. Not that we’re really all that surprised to be honest! Later in the week, Ronnie is torn as she continues to do Vincent’s dirty work. At the Albert, Vincent slips something into Phil’s pocket. But no one was expecting what was to come, not even Ronnie! Vincent calls the police and tells them that Phil is in the Albert, and he’s armed. Surely this isn’t the end of Phil? Or has he met his match with Vincent?

Also next week, Vincent celebrates his birthday. In the midst of the celebrations, Libby arrives but Denise is angry when she realises that it was Patrick’s idea all along.

That’s all the gossip for this week. See you again soon.