Emmerdale: Sam knocks Jai out


Tune in to this week’s Emmerdale SquareEyed Soapbox to get all the gossip. There’s plenty of drama coming your way!


Hi, I’m Alyson Nicholl for SquareEyed.tv. Here’s everything you’ve got to look forward to next week in the Dales.

Megan is left in a panic when Brenda discovers her secret. Thankfully, Nikhil offers her some support. Hopefully Brenda will keep her trap shut, Megan certainly doesn’t need you know who finding out the truth…

Jai and Sam end up in a scuffle this week over Megan. Sam tries his best to make a run for it but Jai isn’t having any of it. Backed into a corner, Sam hits Jai over the head knocking him unconscious. Has he gone too far?

In other news, Laurel and Brenda are both suspicious over Ashley and Bob’s behaviour. Will they figure out the truth about his dementia? Meanwhile, Harriet puts her detective hat on as she tries to do some digging about the situation. Later in the week, Sandy questions Laurel about Ashley. He’s noticed how close they have become and insists that she has feelings for her ex husband. Will she tell the truth? And just when we thought things couldn’t get any more complicated for poor Ashley, he suffers a mini-stroke. Surely he can’t keep his condition a secret for much longer after this?!

Also, there’s trouble in paradise for Rhona and Paddy. Paddy returns to the village after spending the night with Tess but Rhona is still furious with him over the adoption meeting. She then accidentally takes his phone to work only to receive a saucy message from Tess. Surely their secret is out?  

That’s your lot for this week. Tune in next time for more spoilers!