(2014) ★★★

Channel 4: PREMIERE Saturday 5 December, 9pm

After receiving a menacing text message, federal air marshal Liam Neeson reacts like a blundering Belfast bull in a china shop on an increasingly fraught transatlantic flight from New York City to London.

Oscar-winning Julianne Moore among the red-herring passengers – and there are plenty of them – in a preposterously plotted thriller that’s not so much a rollercoaster as a bumper-car variation on the likes of Flightplan and Red Eye.

Thing is, Neeson’s got the straight-faced chops to be compelling in flaky material like this. Even when his colleagues consider him ‘a paranoid alcoholic with a gun and a badge’. A late play for national security relevance is rather less convincing.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 106min

IMDB – Non-Stop

TMDB – Non-Stop

Rotten Tomatoes – Non-Stop