Summer in February


(2013) ★★

Film4: PREMIERE Monday 7 December, 1.25am

On the eve of the Great War in the west of Cornwall, a group of bohemian artists make a poor impression on the Lamorna estate managed by Dan Stevens, an officer and a gentleman. Except delicate flower Emily Browning. He’s quite taken by her. Unfortunately, so is boorish Dominic Cooper, hamming it up as celebrated equestrian painter Alfred Munnings, a one-eyed drunk later knighted and made president of the Royal Academy.

But this is then, when he tested Stevens’ friendship by using and abusing Browning. Pawed at and leered over in Sleeping Beauty and Sucker Punch, Miss Browning this time disrobes for art’s sake. “I’d leave the art to the artists, love,” is Cooper’s blunt assessment of her own paintings. A true-ish story (adapted by Jonathan Smith from his novel) and, like the title implies, it’s wet.

At least the landscaping’s classy (cinematographer Andrew Dunn also shot Robert Altman’s Gosford Park which, coincidentally, was also set in 1913) but Benjamin Wallfisch’s music is bland. It mucks up Greensleeves too.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 101min

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