(2004) ★★★

5Star: Saturday 12 December, 12.50am

After dozing off late at night in London’s Charing Cross underground station, Franka Potente wakes up in an empty maze of brightly-lit corridors. Well, the place is almost deserted. It’s crawling with rats – and something far worse lurks in the darkened train tunnels. Soon all she’s got to guide her are blood trails, and there’s not much human help at hand. A pedantic jobsworth in a control booth and pair of homeless junkies in a cubbyhole.

Oh, and a dog that barks at the rats but keeps quiet around the killer. Christopher Smith’s claustrophobic shocker makes good use of London’s hidden city of sewers and subway tunnels. Sean Harris’ freaky killer looks like something out of Sin City and, wailing like a banshee, he treats his domain like a meat locker.

In fact, the film’s strongly reminiscent of the 1970s London underground horror Raw Meat. Smith (no relation) has since proved his facility for mildly unhinged fear with Severance, Black Death and (especially) Triangle. Which makes his most recent outing, the children’s story Get Santa, seem somehow shocking. Film4 has Michael Mann’s peculiar wartime horror show The Keep at 1.35am. Unrelated to Creep, but it rhymes and chimes with the early hours.

Certificate: 18
Duration: 82min 

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