Die Hard 4.0


(2007) ★★½

Sky Movies Greats: Wednesday 16 December, 9pm

Still huffing and puffing from his running-man stint on 16 Blocks, Bruce Willis returns as never-say-die New York cop John McClane, who maybe should think about changing his name to Jonah. In the States, of course, McClane is considered a kind of national treasure. The film’s original title was Live Free or Die Hard and it was released on Independence Day.

Now the guy who’s always in the wrong place at the wrong time is facing a 21st century threat from cyber terrorist Timothy Olyphant, whose gang is shutting down the United States by remote control. Railway and airport systems crash and burn, government buildings are evacuated. There’s widespread panic. And that’s just on Wall Street.

“That’s gonna wake the neighbours,” grimaces Bruce, proving himself a hotshot still when it comes to improvising: he’s just used a fire extinguisher to blow a baddie through a sixth-storey window. Wait till you see what he does with a water hydrant. The villains are so acrobatic, Bruce wonders if the circus is in town.

It certainly is. And it’s quite a show. Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a picture. The adventures of our suicidally reckless action hero are pretty much staged like a computer game. Making Arnie’s old hit True Lies seem like a true story, it’s none too feasible. But great fun for fans of explosions.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 122min

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