I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus



Channel 5: Thursday 17 December, 3.45pm

When an excitable little sprout sees mommy Connie Sellecca kissing her husband Corbin Bernsen, he doesn’t recognise his dad because he’s dressed up as Santa. Cole has earlier overheard his mom and dad arguing about money, and the parents of his best friend have just announced that they’re divorcing.

So he thinks the worst – that Santa is a dirty rat who’s cheating on Mrs Claus with his dishy mom. With dad away on business, the boy turns his home into a fortress against Santa’s imminent arrival. Oh, bless the child! Although, technically, it’s two children: the role is played by twin brothers Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

Synthetic sentimental slapstick sitcom that’s all about the real meaning of Christmas: having the money to afford the toys that the kids see advertised on television. Channel 5 wishes it could be Christmas every day.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 84min

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