We all like to think of Home Alone as an innocent, feel-good Christmas movie. But we’ve seen things, man. Things that will change the way you look at Home Alone forever. ​

Don’t believe us? Ha.

Try watching the brand new YouTube series :DRYVRS, which features Macauley Culkin playing an older, edgier version of Kevin from the hit Christmas comedy. Delving into his scarring childhood which was filled with abandonment, neglect and pain, it really puts a sinister spin on that time Kevin outsmarted the Sticky Bandits.

Watch the clip below but, beware, things are about to get dark and creepy real fast…

YouTube series :DRYVRS sees creator Jack Dishel encounter larger-than-life characters while they drive him about as part of a new driving app.

The first episode, ‘Just Me in the House by Myself’, sees Kevin pick him up, before opening up about his unhappy childhood, which involved being left by his family and forced to defend it from a series of burglars.

The conversation descends to focus on a damaged section of Kevin’s psyche and he ends up taking it out on an attacker attempting to carjack his vehicle. What did we just watch!?

Try and cheer yourself up by watching a fun-filled clip from Home Alone below: