When Leonardo DiCaprio imagined doing the usual press rounds for his upcoming film The Revenant, we’re fairly confident he didn’t anticipate a bombardment of questions centred on outrageous rumours that he was raped by a bear.

The rumours have swirled in recent weeks, but DiCaprio had categorically denied them, calling them ‘absurd.’

FOX previously insisted there is no scene in which the actor is penetrated by a bear in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s historical thriller, and now the actor has also addressed the claims.

Speaking to E!, DiCaprio said: “I have no idea where these ridiculous things come from, and what you do when you hear stuff like that?”


He added: “It’s absurd. It’s absurd.”

DiCaprio did, however, say that he suffered throughout the filming process, eating bison liver amongst other things.

“It’s something that I won’t repeat, that’s for sure…we submerged ourselves in the elements for this film.

“We really wanted to create something incredibly authentic so these types of adventures lend themselves to taking chances like that,” he added.

The actor went on to say: “You want to be as authentic as you possibly can with every decision that you make and that resulted in me biting into something that was pretty disgusting, and my real reaction is on film and up there onscreen.”

FOX’s previous denial of bear rape was predictably one of the weirdest statements of the year.

There’s been a strange buzz in general around The Revenant, with a critic recently saying (and then defending his statement) that the movie is too “brutal” for women.

The film stars DiCaprio as 19th-century fur trapper Glass, who is left for dead by his companions (Tom Hardy, Will Poulter and Domhnall Gleeson) when he is mauled by a bear. Just mauled, OK?

The Revenant will arrive in US cinemas on January 8 and in the UK on January 15.