Now with Star Wars: The Force Awakens out of the way, so to speak, the next big movie on everyone’s minds is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Potentially DC’s hugest movie to date, the fanboy dream will see the Caped Crusader of Gotham face off with the Man of Steel in a film that’s been the stuff of comic book reader’s dreams for years. Now it’s a reality.

However, after an excellent first trailer which debuted at Comic-Con in July, the second trailer received a somewhat mixed reception. The main bone of contention among many fans was that Zack Snyder and Warner Bros collectively decided to reveal the film’s real villain — Doomsday.

Ever since the trailer dropped a few weeks back, many have speculated about whether or not we’re jumping to conclusions in assuming that is actually Doomsday. Now, a writer going by the name of Arrowverse over at has concocted a fascinating theory about the potentially true identity of Doomsday.

Now, for those unfamiliar, Doomsday’s origin is typically as follows, via DC Wikia:

Doomsday’s creator was a mysterious alien named Bertron, who wished to create the ultimate life-form. To do so, Bertron and his team sent a baby onto the surface of the planet, where it would be instantly killed by the harsh environment or the vicious creatures inhabiting it. Each time, whatever of the lifeforms remains that survived were harvested and used again, to create a better, stronger version than the previous. In short, the mad scientist was using the method of cloning to accelerate the evolution of the being he was creating.

Through decades of this process, the being who would eventually become Doomsday was forced to endure the agony of death, thousands upon thousands of times; the memory of these countless deaths was recorded in his genes and drove it to hate all life. Eventually, Doomsday gained the ability to evolve against what killed him in his prior life without the need of Bertron’s technology. At this point he proceeded to hunt down and kill all of the lethal creatures that inhabited Krypton. When it saw Bertron, Doomsday considered him and the team to be a threat due to their roles in his multiple deaths and attacked the ship they were working in. Bertron himself met his death at the hands of his own creation.

Source: DC Wikia

Arrowverse believes that Dawn of Justice’s Doomsday will deviate greatly from the above origin. Here is the main crux of his theory in a nutshell…

The version of Doomsday featured in Batman v. Superman will be an amalgam of Bizarro and Doomsday and will begin his evolution by becoming an imperfect clone of Superman, and end it by becoming Doomsday as we are familiar with him in the comics.

To support his theory, Arrowverse mentions a number of clues that have been dotted throughout the trailers and promos we’ve seen so far.

The first was a failed clone of Superman developed by Lex Luthor and a scientist named Doctor Teng. The second Bizarro was another failed clone developed during a time when Luthor was himself dying from a genetically engineered clone plague. This Bizarro however, has nothing at all to do with Lex Luthor.

Source: DC Wikia

Now, that is only the beginning of his theory. He goes in to much greater detail and you can delve even deeper by following this link to the original post.

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