The man with the hat is back this weekend in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the third movie in the Indiana Jones franchise. Harrison Ford returns to play the title character, with Steven Spielberg directing once again.

BBC One, 6:15pm, Saturday August 15th

Jones must once again face his old enemies, the Nazis, in a race against time to find the ultimate treasure – the Holy Grail, and its promise of eternal life. However, this time, it’s personal. Henry Jones, Indiana’s father, has mysteriously disappeared and he believes the Nazis are behind his father’s kidnapping.

His quest to find his father first leads him to Austria and Jones quickly becomes part of a continent-wide race to be the first to find the Holy Grail, and save his father.

All of the Indiana Jones movies are classics (well, the first three, anyway) and we highly recommend that you find the time to watch this exhilarating action adventure.