Tucker & Dale vs Evil


(2010) ★★★

Syfy: Saturday 26 December, 11.10pm

Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are the titular beer-suppin’ buddies in baseball caps, mistaken for psycho hillbillies by a camper van load of meta-stupid ‘Mega Beta’ students. The amiable duo are fixing-up a vacation cabin in the woods, so of course they have a chainsaw and a woodchipper… and accidents will happen.

The dead bodies piling up testify to that. As the psyched-up students attack, Tucker is convinced they’re dealing with some kind of suicide pact: “They’re killing themselves all over the wood!” Which is hard to square with the local cop. “The girl we’ve got inside could maybe explain the whole thing if I hadn’t knocked her out with a shovel,” offers accident-prone Dale, sheepishly. With banjo and fiddle working overtime in the background, this redneck comedy is a goofy gorefest – Deliverance by way of Hatchet.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 88min

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