Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever


(2014) ½

Lifetime: Friday 25 December, 11.30am

In a voice more bored than Bill Murray’s Garfield, Aubrey Plaza is the shopping mall pet store cat formally known as Grumpy. An online ‘sensation’ becomes the phoniest and unfunniest of all Lifetime TV Christmas movies. So I guess it lives down to its title. Grumpy’s ‘owner’ is Megan Charpentier, who played the big-eyed girl Victoria in the Guillermo del Toro production Mama.

Constantly commenting on itself, this is wince-inducing from scene one. “We’re going to a break now,” purrs Ms Plaza, “so go and tweet about this movie.” She later refers to Grumpy as ‘the internet’s biggest cash cat’ just so we all know where this meta-trash is coming from.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 85min

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Lifetime Saturday, 26 December at 5:00PM