‘Tis the season… to scream the night away. What’s more festive than curly up by the fire, sipping your mulled wine and getting goosebumps watching the best Christmas themed ho-ho-horror films of all time?

We’ve compiled our list of favourites, but be warned, some of the clips that follow belong on the naughty list, because they’re rather NSFW.

1. “You know about Santa Claus?”

The Film: Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

The Horror: A twisted tale that makes you reevaluate the Santa Claus you thought you knew (a running theme in this list) the tension and the kills in Silent Night, Deadly Night are unapologetically of its time, and worth revisiting.

2. Nice to see you

The Film: Black Christmas (1974)

The Horror: Black Christmas is one of those delights from back in the early days of slasher films; take an unseen villain, have him hack up pretty teens and base it round a public holiday. The thing to note here is that Black Christmas pre-dates Halloween by four years.

3. Here comes Santa Claus

The Film: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

The Horror: Reminding us that modern horror can still be fresh, the Finnish unleashed a film equal parts horrifying and exciting just a few years ago. This is your new Christmas tradition.

4. Santa’s home for Christmas

The Film: Santa’s Slay (2005)

The Horror: It’s probably without a doubt the cheesiest entry on this list.When you cast former WWE wrestler Goldberg to play a possessed devil spawn, doomed to hand out presents for centuries, only to be set free, of course you can see why he would go on a killing spree. The opening scene is the perfect example of over-the-top and stupidly funny.

5. “Jerk on THIS!”

The Film: Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

The Horror: In what is one of the best horror gems of this millennium, the titular hobo who, as the poster says, dispenses justice one shell at a time turns his vigilante justice on a Santa whose lap you wouldn’t want to sit on.

6. “I’ll fudging kill you!”

The Film: Supernatural – season 3 episode 8 (2007)

The Horror: Who doesn’t love Supernatural? Well, at least the first couple of seasons. In the episode “A Very Supernatural Christmas” from season three, Dean and Sam get in a little bit over their heads with an elderly couple of Pagan gods who have the taste for human flesh. Dean’s language doesn’t impress them though, and his way of getting round that is horror comedy gold.

7. “I’m Santy Claus!”

The Film: American Horror Story Рseason 2 episode 8 (2012)

The Horror: AHS has done a wonderful job recently of taking the classic horror concepts and turning them upside down. In the case of this “Asylum” series, it was Ian McShane make a fantastic cameo as Leigh Emerson, a psychopath with a real problem with Santa. It’s funny, it’s frightening, it’s McShane at his best.

8. “I hate Christmas carollers”

The Film: Gremlins (1984)

The Horror: Whoever says Gremlins isn’t a Christmas movie needs their head examined. It’s scenes like the one about that will always have you laughing with Christmas cheer.

9. Music box mayhem

The Film: Krampus (2015)

The Horror: If you haven’t been to see it on the big screen yet, get down to your local cinema to see Krampus before it’s too late. Similar in some respects to the tone of Gremlins, this is one holiday visitor you don’t want calling.

10. The festive fright fight

The Film: A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

The Horror: We don’t know where all this interest in the story of Kramus’ has come from recently, but the mythical beast from deepest, darkest folklore sure does lend itself well to horror. And who doesn’t want to see the original anti-Santa face off against the man himself?

Phil Robinson