Surviving Christmas



BBC1: Friday 25 December, 1.00am

Made around the time of his Gigli/Jersey Girl slough of despond, the Oscar-winning director formerly known as Matt Damon’s mate Ben Affleck stars as a New York marketing executive so smug he reckons he could sell whale steaks to Greenpeace. But even obnoxious rich boys can be lonely at Christmas.

No problem! Ben ‘hires’ James Gandolfini’s befuddled family for festive merriment. Jingle-smells all the way in bone-headed comedy that’s all turkey, no trimmings. The ‘hilarious’ seasonal-suicide opening titles montage was toned down after previews, but this is still a no ho-ho zone that’s about as appetising as warmed-over eggnog. Jose Feliciano’s Felice Navidad featured in Christmas With the Kranks, too. Whoa, careful – that sounds like a sequel.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 91min

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