(2012) ★★★★

ITV2: Saturday 26 December, 8.30pm

Daniel Craig’s Bond back from the dead to protect Judi Dench’s M from mad hacker Javier Bardem, who’s blown up MI6. So, Bond is ‘re-Bourne’ yet again? No, he’s resurrected. From its grand bazaar prologue in Istanbul to a finale in the Highlands, this Bond – suspicious of anything new – celebrates the old. Director Sam Mendes stages the mayhem as if it’s an exotic reflection of Michael Caine’s 60s spy Harry Palmer, his budget ensuring it’s more Billion Dollar Brain than Ipcress File.

By going back in time, it’s better than the previous entry by a quantum leap. Superior to Spectre, too, by most accounts. The reliable Bardem is a big, effete, jolly villain with a Melvyn Bragg bouffant and a Lecter-like personality. And, as the rush hour scenes on the District Line prove, Craig’s 007 is one Bond who doesn’t stand out in a crowd. Like the wink he tips Ralph Fiennes during a shoot-out, it’s part of his charm.

The best Bond? Certainly the best looking – it’s beautifully lit by cameraman Roger Deakins, a regular collaborator with the Coen brothers, here earning his 10th Oscar nomination. He has yet to win. Like the miffed Westminster minister Helen McCrory says to M: “You’ll forgive me if I don’t hang out the bunting.”

Certificate: 12
Duration: 143min

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