The Croods


(2013) ★★★½

BBC1: PREMIERE Saturday 26 December, 4.45pm

Nicolas Cage voices Neanderthal Grug, the strong-willed, weak-minded head of a cave-dwelling family facing extinction every day. With its epic rocky mountains and exotic flora and fauna, this grade-A DreamWorks animation looks as good as Rango. The Coen brothers’ cameraman Roger Deakins is visual consultant on this, as he was on the unaccountably drab Rise of the Guardians.

It may have no more clue about paleontology than the Ice Age movies but, more pertinently, it gets the comedy spot on. “A pet is an animal you don’t eat,” explains Ryan Reynolds. “We call them children,” says grandma Cloris Leachman. As Emma Stone’s Eep gazes longingly at the sunset – “Please come back tomorrow!” – it makes The Flinstones seem positively prehistoric.

Certificate: U
Duration: 99min

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