(2010) ★★★★★½

Channel 4: Monday 28 December, 1.15pm

Big dog. Bad movie. After messing around with Marley & Me, Owen Wilson gives his voice to Marmaduke, the Great Dane with batwing ears, featured in a 50-year-old syndicated comic strip (600 newspapers in more than 20 countries, apparently) that has yielded nary a laugh in anyone’s lifetime. Woody Allen can’t have been thinking of Wilson’s work in Marley & Me and Marmaduke when he cast him in Midnight in Paris.

Making Cats & Dogs and even Garfield look good (we’ll leave Alvin’s chipmunks out of this), it’s a lip-synched talking dog-and-pony show of dubious CGI pedigree. Beyond paw. It’s ruff. The Boston Globe’s film critic summed it up best: “We’ve just been treated like a fire hydrant.”

Certificate: U
Duration: 85min

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