Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer



Channel 4: Monday 28 December, 10.5am

Jordana Beatty in school holiday romp that’s not so much Diary of a Wimpy Kid as Day-Glo Doodlings of a Hyperactive Brat. Even Heather Graham as Jordana’s ‘kooky’ aunt can’t break through themovie’s aggressive jollity. A couple of animated inserts suggest the way to go here would’ve been as a kiddy cartoon.

The over-brightness of the supposed suburban Virginia setting (it was filmed in California) and the beaming behaviour of the children make this an endurance test. The low point is a Rocky Horror fashion parade at a late-night screening of Attack of the Zombies. What kind of children is America breeding? Judy Moody herself is an unholy cross between Pee-wee Herman and Sally Hawkin’s optimistic Poppy in Happy-Go-Lucky. Like Judy’s friend says: “You suck the fun out of everything.” It’s like being force-fed an ice-cream truck.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 89min

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