(2013) ★★

Film4: PREMIERE Tuesday 29 December, 10.40pm

Brian Cox eases ‘memory detective’ Mark Strong back to work with the case of Taissa Farmiga, a self-harming teenager on hunger strike in a locked bedroom full of disturbed paintings. Her stepfather wants her put away. “I’m not a sociopath,” she tells Strong.

“Just smart enough to think like one.” ‘Memory detective’ sounds like a made-up thing, and that’s certainly the way this muddled mystery plays. Worse, Strong’s not even very good at it (his character admits as much), and this fine actor’s typical commitment is wasted on such a weakly contrived role.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 97min

IMDB – Mindscape

TMDB – Mindscape

Rotten Tomatoes – Mindscape