A Good Day to Die Hard


(2013) ★½

Channel 4: PREMIERE Friday 1 January, 9.00pmm

Who would have imagined it was possible to dumb down Die Hard? Armed only with an Idiot’s Guide to Moscow and the invincibility of a Marvel Comics superhero, Bruce Willis aims to extricate his bolshy boy Jai Courtney from a Ruskie courthouse. The pair of them are soon taking on the city’s sinister criminal forces, in Moscow and Chernobyl. “It’s going to be loud,” warns one of the bad guys.

He’s not lying. Big on bangs, low on engagement, number five in the who’s-counting? series wastes its Russian vantage point (actually Budapest) on a hackneyed CIA counter-terrorist plot. With car crashes. And exploding helicopters. All of it choereographed to a booming Marco Beltrami score. Most of the time, Willis looks as bored as we feel. A good day to call it quits.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 98min

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